Crop size, PFD

Joe Davis Jr. Predicts Orange Crop Size; Discusses PFD Impact

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Crop size, PFD

Joe Davis Jr. talks with a fellow grower

Grower Joe Davis Jr., a panelist at a Peace River Valley Citrus Growers Association gathering Thursday, says he expects a Florida orange crop of 61 to 70 million boxes this season. Last season’s Florida orange crop was 81.5 million boxes.

“Our groves are down,” Davis says. “We’re guessing that earlies and mids will probably be down about 10 percent, and that Valencias will be down about 20 percent. The Valencia side has clearly been more impacted by PFD (postbloom fruit drop) … We really got kicked pretty hard as an industry – got kicked in the teeth this year with this PFD on top of greening. Let’s hope we have a dry March this coming year and that we bounce back and don’t have a lot of PFD. It would be real hard on the industry if we had a second year in a row of bad PFD impact on top of what we’re struggling with with greening.”

Like most other growers on the Peace River panel, Davis tries to reset his groves. “But after a block loses money for a couple years in a row, we at least put it on probation and probably don’t reset it for a year or two until we see if we can turn it around,” he says.

Davis also discusses his expectations for bactericides.

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