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Indian River Citrus Grower on Canker, HLB and Bactericides

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Indian River citrus

Scott Lambeth

Canker and HLB have made things very difficult for Indian River citrus growers, but outgoing Indian River Citrus League President Scott Lambeth is optimistic about bactericides.

“For the last three years with the contraction of the industry, it’s very difficult to keep an open mind and stay positive when you see family farms that are third and fourth generation still going out,” Lambeth says. “But I’m optimistic the antibiotics will help us – those of us that applied them. Hopefully we won’t see the drop and we’ll see the tree health continue to improve … I don’t see anything on the groves that we have applied them, but the overall tree health on the River is really, really improved from the last two years. But I think it’s just been the optimum growing conditions.”

Lambeth discussed the Indian River citrus situation following the League’s annual meeting last week.

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