EU Lemon, Grapefruit Production Increases

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The European Union (EU) expects production increases for lemon and grapefruit in 2020-21 compared to the previous season, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Foreign Agricultural Service reported. LEMONSLemon production is forecast to increase by almost 11.7% to 1.64 million metric tons. Spain will have the lion’s share of production at 1.06 million metric tons, followed by Italy at 491,000 metric … Read More

Grower: Last Season Had Ups, Downs

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Florida Citrus Packers

Vero Beach grower George Hamner reported having better production and size on his fresh market grapefruit and lemon crops in the 2020-21 season than in the prior year. He said grapefruit prices remained steady, similar to the prior year. “Lemons, however, were not as good as previous years because of the loss of food-service business … due to COVID-19,” he … Read More

U.S. Grapefruit Exports to France Threatened

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According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Foreign Agricultural Service, a new French ban on the sale of fruits and vegetables with identifying stickers could threaten future exports of U.S. grapefruit. The ban is slated to be implemented on Jan. 1, 2022. The USDA report states that most U.S. grapefruit and some sweet potatoes shipped overseas have stickers that … Read More

Grapefruit Making Strides in South Africa

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The production of grapefruit in South Africa is estimated to increase by 8% in 2020-21 from the prior year, to 373,000 metric tons, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Foreign Agricultural Service (USDA/FAS) reported in June. The area planted to grapefruit is expected to increase by 5% to 8,700 hectares. The predominant variety planted in South Africa is the Star Ruby, … Read More

Grapefruit Challenges and Opportunities

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A recent report summarizes the U.S. grapefruit market’s challenges, including citrus greening disease and hurricanes, and opportunities. Lijun (Angelia) Chen and Lisa House with the University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences authored the report, titled “An Overview of the Grapefruit Market in the U.S.” “The U.S. grapefruit industry has been facing fierce challenges in both production and … Read More

Graduate Student Studies Grapefruit Trial

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An experimental grapefruit grove that graduate student Martin Zapien planted in Florida’s Indian River region is expected to help local growers with future planting decisions. The 20-acre grove with more than 5,000 trees is at the University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences’ (UF/IFAS) Indian River Research and Education Center (IRREC). The 1- to 2-year-old trees are new … Read More

USDA Buying More Grapefruit Juice

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The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) on March 5 announced an $18 million purchase of grapefruit juice in response to winter weather in Texas, the Indian River Citrus League (IRCL) reported. The February Texas freeze caused estimated citrus crop losses of at least $230 million and hit before much of the Texas citrus crop had been harvested. “For the past … Read More

Grapefruit Part of Tariff Suspension

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Florida grapefruit grower and packer Dan Richey hopes a recently announced four-month suspension of tariffs on U.S. products shipped to the European Union (EU), including grapefruit, will become permanent. The EU and the United States on March 5 agreed on the mutual four-month suspension of the tariffs related to World Trade Organization (WTO) aircraft disputes. The suspension will cover all … Read More

Record Grapefruit Production and Consumption

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Global grapefruit production in 2020-21 is forecast up slightly to a record 6.9 million tons due to favorable weather and expanded area in China and Mexico, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS). Additionally, global consumption is forecast to reach a new record with the higher supplies as exports grow to their highest level in three … Read More

Florida Representatives Concerned About EU Grapefruit Tariffs

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Twenty-two members of the Florida congressional delegation, led by Reps. Darren Soto and Bill Posey, wrote a letter to Acting U.S. Trade Representative Maria Pagan expressing concerns over retaliatory tariffs placed by the European Union (EU) on U.S. agricultural products. The letter focused on the harm the EU tariffs could do to Florida grapefruit. Here’s the full text of the … Read More

Grapefruit Production in EU to Stay Stable

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European Union (EU) grapefruit production is forecast to remain stable in 2020-21 at 96,000 metric tons, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) reported. EU area planted to the crop stands at about 3,300 hectares. Spain, the EU’s largest grapefruit producer, expects its production to remain flat at 73,000 metric tons. The leading producing areas in Spain include … Read More

Grapefruit Juice Demand Is Strong

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There were numerous reports in 2020 about the significant increase in consumer demand for orange juice (OJ) at the retail level during the COVID-19 pandemic. But Florida Department of Citrus economist Marisa Zansler recently reported that “the same can be said about the significant increases in sales volumes of other citrus products … Notably, within the retail fruit juice category, … Read More

Texas Grapefruit Sweepstakes Launched

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Texas-based grapefruit brand Winter Sweetz announced the launch of its Sweeter in Texas sweepstakes to celebrate the Texas red grapefruit season during the holidays. Consumers may enter the sweepstakes from Dec. 15 to Jan. 15. There will be weekly prizes and a grand prize winner. Every week, two winners will be selected at random to receive a free shipment of … Read More

Using Grapefruit to Deliver Medicine

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University of Louisville (UofL) researchers have found a less toxic way to deliver medicines by using the natural lipids in plants, particularly grapefruit and ginger. The UofL technologies use exosomes, which are very small fragments of living, edible plant cells, to transport various therapeutic agents, including anti-cancer drugs, DNA/RNA and proteins such as antibodies. These exosomes help ensure the drug … Read More

Grapefruit and Drugs: A Conversation

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University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (UF/IFAS) citrus breeder Fred Gmitter recently had an email conversation with a retired Swedish pediatrician about a UF/IFAS grapefruit and pummelo hybrid that likely won’t interact with drugs. The retired physician, Leif Gothefors, had inquired about Gmitter’s work on the hybrid, UF 914. Gothefors noted that he had heard UF 914 … Read More

Grapefruit Ingredient Has New Use

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A new active ingredient in grapefruit, discovered and developed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), has been registered by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for use in insecticides and insect repellents. The new ingredient, nootkatone, repels and kill ticks, mosquitoes and a wide variety of other biting pests. Nootkatone, a natural organic compound, is responsible for the characteristic … Read More

Spain Pulls Down Europe’s Grapefruit Forecast

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A projected decline in Spain’s grapefruit crop in 2019-20 will lead to an 11 percent decline in the all-European Union (EU) grapefruit forecast compared to last season. EU total production is pegged at 96,720 metric tons (MT). Other EU grapefruit-producing countries will increase or maintain production. That’s according to a recent report from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Foreign Agricultural … Read More

Fried on Florida Citrus Production Update

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citrus production

(FDACS) — The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) National Agricultural Statistics Service has released an updated Florida citrus production estimate for the 2019-20 crop year, forecasting a 10 percent increase for Florida grapefruit and predicting that Florida orange production will hold steady at 74 million boxes. Florida Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried offered the following statement: “Today’s updated citrus forecast is encouraging. It’s a direct … Read More

A Closer Look at CUPS-Grown Grapefruit

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By Arnold Schumann, Ariel Singerman and Yu Wang Grapefruit production in Florida has been drastically reduced by huanglongbing (HLB) disease, from 40.9 million boxes in 2003–04 to 4.5 million boxes in 2018–19, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Grapefruit varieties are particularly vulnerable to HLB due to cumulative losses from stunted tree growth, low fruit yield, high-percentage fruit drop, … Read More