fruit size, pfd

Grower: Small Fruit Size, PFD Are Issues

Ernie Neff Economics, PFD

fruit size, pfd

Charles Wilson

Grower and harvester Charles Wilson of Lake Placid was among those sharing information at a citrus grower forum in Sebring on November 10.

“There seems to be a pretty good fruit set blossom unaffected by PFD (postbloom fruit drop),” Wilson says. “But the fruit size is extremely small … and that’s going to definitely affect our yield.”

“I see PFD in every block that I go in,” Wilson says. “Some of it’s negligible.” But he says some groves have been heavily impacted. “So it’s going to be very difficult trying to harvest some of those areas.”

“We’re a strong bunch of farmers and I think that we will have some answers coming soon,” Wilson concludes. “And it’s just trying to hold on and do our best until that happens.”

The grower forum was hosted by Highlands County citrus Extension agent Laurie Hurner.

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