Georgia Citrus Association Annual Meeting Set

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The Georgia Citrus Association (GCA) will hold its annual meeting February 27 in Tifton, Georgia. The meeting will be conducted from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the University of Georgia (UGA) Tifton Campus Conference Center.

GCA Vice President Andy Jackson expects more than 100 to attend the meeting, including growers and exhibitors. Topics will include crop diversification, packing and shipping, marketing and sales, UGA patented releases, principles of fertilization, practical experiences of production, and multispectral imagery and crop distress.

Jackson, who grows satsumas and several other fresh varieties in Taylor County, Florida, urges those interested in growing citrus in North Florida and South Georgia to attend the meeting. He says growers and potential growers will hear from other growers willing to share production information. The meeting will also provide networking opportunities, he says. Register for the meeting here.

Jackson says he started his grove after learning that growers in the Marianna, Florida area were making very good returns on their fresh citrus.

“Right now I’d say I have the largest grove in this area, but that won’t be so for long,” Jackson says. He has heard that two or three other growers in Taylor County each plan to plant 30 acres or more of citrus. “The limiting factor is trees” available from nurseries, he says.

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