WHIP/Block Grant Insurance Requirements

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With the Florida citrus crop insurance closing date of April 15 rapidly approaching, Florida Citrus Mutual (FCM) has fielded many questions about the requirements of the Hurricane Irma WHIP (Wildfires and Hurricanes Indemnity Program) and Block Grant programs.

The information below, crafted by FCM, is designed to answer general questions. The information has been approved by both the Risk Management Agency and the Farm Service Agency. If you have any additional questions, contact Matt Joyner at 863-682-1111.




1. If you received a payment from the WHIP program for FRUIT lost as a result of Hurricane Irma, you must carry at least a 60/100 level Citrus Fruit policy on the Fruit Type designated in the policy on which the WHIP payment was based in the county in which the loss occurred.

You may insure any other varieties on which you did NOT receive a WHIP payment, or on any fruit of any type in a county that was not included in the WHIP payment, at any level you choose, or not at all.

You MUST carry insurance of at least the 60/100 level for each of the next 2 years.

2. If you received a Part 1 Block Grant payment, you must carry Citrus Tree Insurance at the 60/100 level on any tree types for which a payment was made in any county that such a payment was made. If you receive a Part 1 AND Part 2 payment, in addition to the required tree coverage you must carry Citrus Fruit insurance at the 60/100 level on the Fruit Type designated in the policy on which the Block Grant payment was based in the county in which the loss occurred.

Coverage at this level must be maintained for the next 2 years.

Additionally, there are 2 options available under the Block Grant’s Insurance requirement.

Option 1 allows you to elect to insure your trees and fruit at the 60/100 level for the next 2 years, after which you are free to reduce your coverage to lower levels if you so desire, but no supplemental premium subsidies will be available.  

Option 2, if elected, commits you to 4 years, NOT 2 years as in Option 1, with the first 2 years REIMBURSED UNDER PART 3 OF THE BLOCK GRANT PROGRAM.  In essence, choosing this option will cut your premium in half if you are at the 60/100 Basic level of coverage!

3.  Whole Farm Insurance taken out at the 60/100 level or greater will meet the requirements of the WHIP program for insurance qualification purposes.

Please contact a local crop insurance agent or one of the insurance companies that sell and service crop insurance policies in your state for additional details and requirements regarding Citrus Fruit and Citrus Tree insurance. https://www.rma.usda.gov/Information-Tools/Agent-Locator-Page

Source: Florida Citrus Mutual

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