Florida Orange Brix Levels Not So Sweet Yet

Jim Rogers Orange Juice, Processing

Florida citrus growers and orange juice processors are reporting low Brix levels as the 2021–2022 harvest season continues. The Jan. 10 edition of the Market News Bulletin from Florida Citrus Mutual noted average Brix of 9.83. According to Bob Behr, chief executive officer of Florida’s Natural Growers, juice oranges being harvested now are running below average. “Citrus greening continues to …

WHIP/Block Grant Insurance Requirements

Daniel Cooper Industry News Release

With the Florida citrus crop insurance closing date of April 15 rapidly approaching, Florida Citrus Mutual (FCM) has fielded many questions about the requirements of the Hurricane Irma WHIP (Wildfires and Hurricanes Indemnity Program) and Block Grant programs. The information below, crafted by FCM, is designed to answer general questions. The information has been approved by both the Risk Management …


FCM Says Irma Damage Threw Off USDA Citrus Crop Estimate

Daniel Cooper Citrus, Crop Forecast

Florida’s largest citrus grower organization said Thursday the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) initial estimate of the 2017-2018 citrus crop is well above the crop predicted by the results of their grower damage survey. Florida Citrus Mutual believes the agency could not accurately account for the full extent of the catastrophic damage from Hurricane Irma. Historically, the USDA has a …

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House Passes Citrus Tax Measure

Daniel Cooper Citrus, Legislative

U.S. House Gives Citrus Tax Incentive Overwhelming Bipartisan Support The U.S. House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed a measure Wednesday that provides growers with an incentive to plant more trees and bolster the ailing Florida citrus industry. By a 400-20 vote, Republicans and Democrats approved the Emergency Citrus Disease Response Act which allows growers to immediately expense the cost of planting …