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May 4 Is National OJ Day

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Ray Royce of the Highlands County Citrus Growers Association reminds citrus industry members that this Saturday, May 4 is National OJ Day.

“You are encouraged to think about how, even in a very small way, you can help assist in reminding your friends, neighbors and business associates that Americans have long had a love affair with orange juice,” says Royce. “In fact, we drink about one billion gallons a year – making it America’s favorite 100 percent fruit juice.”

Royce says the citrus industry needs to collectively promote this day as an opportunity to raise a glass to the great taste and nutritional benefits of 100 percent orange juice. “At the very least, ask your social media contacts to go to @OJfromFlorida on Twitter (#OJselfie posts are encouraged) or on Facebook and share a post about Florida OJ,” he says.

Source: Highlands County Citrus Growers Association