Mutual Petitions FDA Regarding OJ Brix

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Florida Citrus Mutual (FCM) is making efforts to protect growers in the event Florida oranges don’t meet the minimum Brix requirement for not-from-concentrate (NFC) orange juice (OJ). FCM recently sent a formal request to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) seeking enforcement discretion to protect growers from the likely contingency that Florida’s 2021-22 orange crop may not meet FDA’s … Read More

PepsiCo to Sell Tropicana

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PepsiCo, Inc. announced Aug. 3 that it has entered into an agreement with PAI Partners (PAI) to sell Tropicana, Naked and other select juice brands across North America. It also entered into an irrevocable option to sell certain juice businesses in Europe. PepsiCo said the actions will result in combined pretax cash proceeds of approximately $3.3 billion while retaining a … Read More

Citrus Juice Proven to Aid Immune System

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A new research review, published in Frontiers in Immunology, has found that a glass of citrus juice contains key nutrients and bioactive substances that help human immune systems work efficiently. Scientists examined evidence from nearly 200 different studies and reports. They concluded that vitamin C, folate and polyphenol compounds in citrus juice can impact immune health, fight inflammation and improve … Read More

OJ Consumption Aids Children’s Health

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Moderate consumption of 100% orange juice (OJ) should be encouraged in children due to its multiple health benefits and lack of negative impacts on body weight, numerous studies indicate. The studies have revealed that children who regularly drink 100% orange juice have higher intakes of key nutrients, higher quality diets, and may have healthier lifestyle habits than children who do … Read More

EU Orange Juice Production Climbs

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European Union (EU) orange juice (OJ) production is forecast at 89,228 metric tons in 2020-21, a rise of almost 25% compared to the prior year. The EU forecast for OJ production was reported in June by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Foreign Agricultural Service. The forecast is in line with the expected growth in the volume of European oranges destined … Read More

Research Planned on OJ Health Benefits

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Rosa Walsh, director of scientific research at the Florida Department of Citrus (FDOC), told the Florida Citrus Commission (FCC) in June about the 2020-21 FDOC research plan. The plan includes two scientific research projects exploring health benefits of 100% orange juice (OJ). The projects, beginning in the new fiscal year, look at determining quantitative analysis of nutrient density in OJ … Read More

Study: Beverage Labels Confuse Parents

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Beverage labeling regulations appear to fall short of helping parents identify the ingredients of drinks they purchase for their children, a recent study published in Pediatric Obesity suggests. This has researchers calling for changes to labeling regulations to increase transparency and help consumers choose healthier beverages. The online study included more than 1,600 parents who had healthy 1- to 5-year-old … Read More

Uncle Matt’s Launches Ultimate Shots

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Uncle Matt’s Organic recently announced the launch of its Ultimate Shots line. Ultimate Shots are intended to aid specific functions such as immune support, digestion and energy. The shots are now available online and will be rolling out to select retailers nationwide over the next few months. The Ultimate Shots come from 100% organically grown fruit. The juice is blended with … Read More

Suspension of OJ Brix Level Sought

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For most months during the 2020-21 Florida citrus season, oranges did not meet the federal minimum standard of 10.5 degrees Brix for not-from-concentrate orange juice (OJ). According to a slide shown during Florida Citrus Mutual’s recent annual meeting, the average Brix level for oranges during the season was 10.45. Brix is a measure of the sugar content of juice. Consequently, … Read More

How OJ Sales Boomed in the Pandemic

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The boom in OJ (orange juice) sales during the COVID-19 pandemic was highlighted during Marisa Zansler’s report to the Florida Citrus Commission in May. Zansler is the Florida Department of Citrus’ (FDOC) director of economic and market research.   Prior to the pandemic, orange juice sales had decreased annually by an average of 5.5.% each year, Zansler reported. She noted … Read More

New Use for Orange Extract

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An extract from orange juice production is offering an eco-friendly way for developing transparent wood, an innovative structural material for building construction. Since it was first introduced in 2016, transparent wood has been developed by researchers at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden. The wood lets natural light through and can store thermal energy.    The key to making … Read More

Promoting Orange Juice for Hydration

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It may not officially be summer yet, but with temperatures heating up, Steve Johnson, chairman of the Florida Citrus Commission, has a reminder about the value of drinking orange juice (OJ) for hydration. “A glass of orange juice is a great hydration option in addition to water since it naturally contains a high percentage of water — almost 90%, says … Read More

Peace River Growers Celebrate OJ Day

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More than 40 growers, product representatives and others celebrated National OJ Day May 4 at grower Kenny Sanders’ grove near Wauchula, Florida. The occasion was the Peace River Valley Citrus Growers Association (PRVCGA) spring roundtable luncheon, which featured a panel of growers discussing current citrus issues. The event was one of the first in-person grower gatherings for the Florida citrus … Read More

Celebrate National OJ Day

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Today, May 4, is National OJ Day. It is the ideal opportunity to promote the many wonderful attributes of orange juice. Social media is a great place to boast about the benefits of orange juice. Consider posting about OJ today on social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Encourage your family and friends to do the same. Post a … Read More

OJ Not Associated With Weight Gain in Children

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New research shows no adverse association between change in body mass index (BMI) and consumption of 100% orange juice (OJ) among older children. The four-year study published in Pediatric Obesity found that drinking 100% OJ was associated with smaller changes in BMI over time in girls, with no significant effect on BMI in boys. The analysis by researchers at the University of … Read More

OJ Sales and Marketing Updates

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The Florida Citrus Commission in March received updates on recent orange juice (OJ) sales and Florida Department of Citrus (FDOC) marketing efforts. Marisa Zansler, director of the FDOC Economic and Market Research Department, presented the sales data. The FDOC Nielsen retail sales report showed year-over-year not-from-concentrate (NFC) OJ sales increased by 13.9% while reconstituted OJ sales increased by 5%. Average … Read More

OJ Could Address Fruit Shortfall in Adult Diets

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While whole fruit consumption increased in adults between 2003 and 2016, the intake of several key nutrients decreased over time, a new study shows. Adding 100% orange juice (OJ) to the diet could help address this shortfall and bolster intake of other key nutrients found in OJ. A cross sectional analysis using the nationally representative National Health and Nutrition Examination … Read More

OJ: 5 Contributions to Good Health

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At the March Florida Citrus Commission (FCC) meeting, Gail Rampersaud summarized recently published studies showing that orange juice (OJ) contributes to good health. Rampersaud, a registered dietitian nutritionist, told the FCC, which governs the Florida Department of Citrus, about five ways the studies showed OJ is beneficial: Body Weight: Research shows that 100% OJ or fruit juice consumption is not … Read More

OJ Sales One Year into the Pandemic

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Florida Citrus Commission Chairman Steve Johnson recently discussed the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on sales of Florida orange juice (OJ).   “We witnessed sales (of OJ) soar in the initial weeks (of the pandemic) as consumers stockpiled their pantries with kitchen staples and sought out healthy foods and beverages that provide immune support,” Johnson reported in an email to members of … Read More

Decline in 100% Fruit Juice Consumption

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A new research report shows that Americans continue to consume fewer fruits and vegetables despite consistent dietary advice to the contrary. An accompanying decline in the consumption of 100% fruit juice, such as orange juice (OJ), is likely a significant contributor to the issue. The Produce for Better Health Foundation (PBH) reported in its “State of the Plate: America’s Fruit … Read More