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Ernie Neff, Citrus Industry senior correspondent at large, interviews University of Florida researchers (from left) Tripti Vashisth, Lauren Diepenbrock and Megan Dewdney.

Scientists from numerous countries attending the International Citrus Research Conference on HLB in March reported on studies of horticultural practices that might help growers cope with the disease. Tripti Vashisth, a horticulturist with the University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (UF/IFAS), summarized their observations at the recent Florida Citrus Growers’ Institute. She shares those observations in the latest episode of the All In For Citrus podcast.

Vashisth’s report includes studies on rootstocks and scions, psyllid exclusion including citrus under protective screen and trees with individual covers, nutrition and irrigation.

“Nutrition is going to help the tree in growing better” but won’t eliminate the bacteria that causes the disease, Vashisth says. “It is very important to have constant and balanced nutrition.”


In a question-and-answer session during the All In For Citrus podcast, Vashisth says some growers seem to be coping better with HLB in recent years. “There are some who are doing better than what they were doing three years ago,” she says.

Hear more from Vashisth, as well as from two other UF/IFAS scientists who summarized HLB research pertaining to psyllid management and HLB pathology, in the latest episode of the All In For Citrus podcast.

Listen to the full podcast here.

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