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Georgia Introduces New Satsuma Brand

Daniel CooperCitrus, Georgia, Industry News Release

The Grower Network (also Corbett Brothers Farms) introduced the Besties™ citrus brand at the Georgia Governor’s Mansion during a Nov. 16 event hosted by Georgia’s First Lady Marty Kemp. Pictured left to right are: Ken Corbett, Georgia Agriculture Commissioner Gary W. Black, Kim Corbett, Eric Bolesta, Hal Cartwell and Beth Meeks.

(GDA) — Just in time for the holidays, shoppers can now add the Georgia citrus brand, Besties™ to their grocery lists. This month more than 1 million pounds of Georgia Grown satsuma mandarin oranges are going to market in major retailers, including Publix, Kroger, Walmart and Whole Foods.

“Georgia has a great history of branding agricultural commodities into household names,” said Georgia Agriculture Commissioner Gary W. Black. “We are known just as much as the Vidalia® state as the peach, and we expect Besties™ to once again highlight farmers in Nature’s Favorite State doing what they do best, grow a wide a variety of food for consumers in our state and around the world.” 

After a decade of research and planning, Georgia farmers and agricultural partners have successfully brought a widely available citrus product to the market. Today, over 100 acres of satsumas are in production in South Georgia. Ripening mostly during warm, humid summers, satsuma trees can also withstand cold temperatures as low as 15 degrees, making them ideal for Georgia’s climate. Satsumas are mostly seedless with a thin and leathery skin lightly attached around the fruit, making them easy to peel.

“We’re very excited to introduce Besties™ around the state,” said Eric Bolesta, sales manager at Corbett Brothers Farms located in Lake Park, Georgia. “We’ve received a great response from major retailers, and as consumers get to know the brand and taste the fruit, we expect growing demand.”

The Besties™ citrus brand is a product grown and packaged by the Grower Network, a collective of North American farmers working to create a year-round supply of citrus and vegetables for wholesalers and retailers across the country.

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Source: Georgia Department of Agriculture