FDOC E-Commerce Campaign Drives OJ Sales

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At the beginning of the year, the Florida Department of Citrus (FDOC) launched a new marketing campaign concentrated on driving sales of 100 percent orange juice. The effort includes targeted digital and social media ads that connect consumers directly with online retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Target and Instacart.

The campaign emphasizes the role that 100 percent orange juice plays in supporting a healthy and balanced immune system by highlighting its nutritional benefits, including vitamin C content.

Jackie Hopkins, an executive with Edelman/Edible Inc., FDOC’s marketing agency partner, recently hosted a live webinar to provide an overview and update on FDOC’s marketing program.

The goal of the campaign was to market to lax buyers, people who haven’t purchased OJ in the past 60 days, in addition to active buyers.

“We’re being very purposeful with not only our campaign, but how we’re reaching those lax buyers because we want them to change their behavior. We want them to come back to purchasing OJ to become active buyers,” Hopkins says.

Research showed that 37 million U.S. consumers fell into the lax buyer category, so FDOC noticed this as a big opportunity to shift these buyers and make them fall in love with OJ again.

“The story is resonating,” Hopkins says.

The current marketing campaign has generated $2.5 million in additional sales since it began in mid-January and has reached 192 million impressions, surpassing the overall campaign goal of 187 million impressions.

“Instacart has been a key driver for us in the campaign,” Hopkins says. Instacart, a grocery delivery and pickup company, is responsible for generating $1.96 million in sales of that $2.5 million.

The typical benchmark of return of investment for a successful campaign is $2. However, the new OJ campaign has generated almost three times that, reaching $5.44. “It’s a strong indicator that we have a lot of efficiency in the money that we are spending toward this marketing effort,” Hopkins says. 

According to Hopkins, the FDOC’s team is closely monitoring OJ inventory issues and how the increase in sales will impact the industry. The objective is to ensure all marketing efforts maximize momentum without creating any additional challenges.

The FDOC has adjusted its spending to extend the campaign efforts into May and June. This extension will allow the department to build off current momentum and ensure 100 percent orange juice remains relevant as consumers slowly return to their normal shopping behaviors.

View the webinar on FDOC’s marketing campaign here.

This article was written by Ashley Robinson, AgNet Media communications intern.