National OJ Day Is May 4

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National OJ Day
National OJ Day is May 4.

May 4 isn’t just for Star Wars fans; it’s also for orange juice lovers! Star Wars Day and National Orange Juice Day are both celebrated annually on May 4.

Orange juice sales have surged in the past few months due to consumers wanting to support their immune systems with vitamin C during the COVID-19 pandemic. National OJ Day is the perfect time for those in the citrus industry to remind the public about the many other benefits of drinking orange juice.

According to the Florida Department of Citrus, other advantages of drinking 100% OJ include the following:

  • Cardiovascular health — The nutrients and vitamins found in OJ play a role in maintaining a healthy heart.
  • Skin health — The nutrients and antioxidants found in OJ can help maintain healthy skin.
  • Iron absorption — OJ may help your body absorb iron and other nutrients from foods.
  • Cognitive function — The nutrients and plant compounds in OJ may have positive effects on brain function.
  • Respiratory health — OJ contains essential nutrients that may improve asthma symptoms.
  • Kidney health — OJ is one of best juices to drink to reduce the risk of kidney stones
  • Bone health — One 8-ounce glass of OJ fortified with calcium and vitamin D provides nutrients that may help maintain strong bones.
  • Inflammation and oxidative stress — OJ has an array of nutrients with antioxidant powers.
  • Weight management — OJ can be a healthy addition to any diet.
  • Oral health — OJ contains nutrients that support tooth and bone health.
  • Diabetes and metabolic syndrome — Studies show that OJ maintains healthy blood sugar balance in healthy adults.

Posting pictures with the hashtag #NOJD2020 on social media of yourself, family and friends enjoying orange juice is encouraged on National OJ Day. Visit the Florida Orange Juice Facebook page at to learn more.

“May the fourth be with you” while you promote the Sunshine State’s best beverage on Monday, May 4!

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