Brazil Citrus Farms Preserve Environment

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Citrus farms in two key citrus regions of Brazil have 1 hectare of land dedicated to environmental preservation for every 2.52 hectares of citrus groves, Fundecitrus recently reported.

The finding came as part of Fundecitrus’ Crop Forecast Survey, which this year included a study in citriculture on the quantification of areas dedicated to the preservation of native vegetation and biodiversity on citrus farms in São Paulo and West-Southwest Mina Gerais. The study indicated that green areas total 181,750 hectares, while the area allocated to citriculture on those same farms amounts to 459,058 hectares.

“For the first time, it was possible to assess the environmental contribution of citriculture, which is quite considerable,” said Fundecitrus General Manager Juliano Ayres. “This preserved fixed asset shows the commitment of the Brazilian citriculture to environmental sustainability.”

Vinicius Trombin, Crop Forecast Survey coordinator, said the perenniality of citriculture favors the preservation of flora and fauna, creating favorable conditions for animal life to thrive. “The bearing life of citrus trees is approximately 20 years, therefore intense earth moving is not frequent and the growing system involves low traffic of invasive equipment, keeping woods stable and safe to animals,” Trombin said. “Fruticulture also provides food to birds and small animals.”

Information about the finding added that data from the Instituto Brasileiro de Geografia e Estatistica points to a large production of honey in Brazil’s citrus belt. “Approximately 80 percent of the honey in the state of São Paulo is produced in cities where citrus is grown,” Trombin said. “In the region, the increase in honey production in the last decade was much greater than in cities that are not part of the citrus belt.”

In other Brazil citrus news, Fundecitrus and its cooperators expect a greatly reduced orange crop in 2020-21. See the forecast report here.

Source: Fundecitrus

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