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Uncle Matt’s Organic recently announced the launch of its Ultimate Immune orange juice beverage. It is made with organic orange juice, elderberry, vitamin C, vitamin D and zinc.

“Over the past six months, families have turned to what they associate with daily immune support: vitamin C-rich orange juice,” said Susan McLean, vice president of marketing and innovation at the company. “As a mom, I was looking for even more ways to naturally boost my family’s immune health during this unprecedented time.”

The beverage will be available in a 52-ounce size at Wegmans and Publix supermarkets, and at select Whole Foods and Shoprite stores. More stores are expected to be announced.

Ultimate Immune was recently named a New Hope 2020 NEXTY Award Winner for Best New Organic Beverage, awarded by the New Hope Network. The NEXTY Awards recognize the most progressive, innovative, inspiring and trustworthy products in the natural products industry.

Uncle Matt’s also offers organic orange juice with calcium and vitamin D, Organic Orange Defense with turmeric and probiotics, and Organic Orange Energy with coffeeberry.

Uncle Matt’s describes itself as the nation’s oldest organic orange juice company. See other recent news about the company’s ownership.

Source: Uncle Matt’s Organic

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