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Florida Department of Citrus (FDOC) e-commerce activities have strongly aided orange juice (OJ) sales since January 2020, Jackie Hopkins with FDOC marketing agency Edible told the Florida Citrus Commission earlier this month. She reported the e-commerce program has reached $11.6 million in attributed sales of OJ with 513 million impressions and $5.24 return on ad spend (ROAS).

ROAS is the measurement of e-commerce activities with retail partners and is determined by dividing the attributed sales at each partner by the FDOC investment with that partner. Partners include Instacart, Kroger and Walmart.

Learn more about the e-commerce activities here.

The FDOC continues to support all e-commerce efforts with social media activities in order to engage consumers where they already are on a daily basis, Hopkins reported. The FDOC is working with Facebook and Instagram to share both nutritional and Florida origin messaging directly. This tactic was especially effective over the holiday season when consumers were highly engaged.

The FDOC also utilizes display ads and videos to reach consumers, reaching more than 11.7 million viewers, specifically targeting lapsed OJ buyers. The FDOC is also engaging consumers through Google Discover, which delivers personalized content to consumers by using search history and more. Engagement on Google Discover thus far has been high.

Hopkins added that the FDOC continues to partner with influencers in the social media space to generate awareness around Florida OJ and its role in supporting immune health in the winter. The influencers cover a wide spectrum of topics, including nutrition, parenting and lifestyle.

The FDOC is also actively pitching earned media stories on the research surrounding the health benefits of Florida OJ. Since October, eight news stories have been published with 75 million impressions. The FDOC also partnered with five media-savvy health and nutrition professionals to further secure positive media coverage of the health benefits of Florida OJ.

Source: Florida Department of Citrus

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