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At the March Florida Citrus Commission (FCC) meeting, Gail Rampersaud summarized recently published studies showing that orange juice (OJ) contributes to good health. Rampersaud, a registered dietitian nutritionist, told the FCC, which governs the Florida Department of Citrus, about five ways the studies showed OJ is beneficial:

  1. Body Weight: Research shows that 100% OJ or fruit juice consumption is not related to or has benefits toward body weight, body mass index or other anthropometric measures. FDOC-sponsored studies contributed to overwhelming support that 100% orange juice or fruit juice consumption has no negative effect on body weight in children or adults. (See a related article about this health aspect of OJ here.)
  2. Cardiovascular Health: Research shows that 100% OJ consumption has been associated with favorable effects on several markers of cardiovascular health, including blood lipids, blood pressure, blood vessel function and inflammatory and oxidative stress markers. Rampersaud called out a new FDOC-sponsored study and outside studies that continued to support a role for orange juice in cardiovascular health, especially beneficial effects on blood pressure.
  3. Blood Sugar/Metabolic: Clinical studies across various ethnicities show 100% OJ has no association with fasting glucose, insulin levels, insulin resistance or other markers for metabolic syndrome. New outside studies were highlighted that continued to support no adverse effects of orange juice or fruit juice on blood glucose or other cardiometabolic health indicators.
  4. Nutrient Intake and Diet Quality: Studies show that 100% OJ is a nutrient-dense beverage that contributes to the intake of vitamins, minerals and bioactive compounds, like hesperidin, and is positively associated with diet quality. FDOC-sponsored studies published in 2020 were cited as they continue to support the nutrient and diet quality contributions of orange juice and fruit juice for children and adults.
  5. Other Health Topics: Studies show that 100% OJ may be beneficial toward a variety of health conditions/topics like hydration, microbiome, dental/oral, mortality, frailty and appetite. An FDOC-sponsored study in 2020 supported orange juice as a hydration source after exercise while an outside comprehensive analysis showed no adverse effects of fruit juice on dental caries (cavities) in children.

Further FDOC-sponsored research published in 2021 showed that OJ can be a beneficial addition to the diet to help meet fruit intake recommendations and is unlikely to contribute to childhood obesity.

Source: Florida Department of Citrus

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