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Tacy CalliesFlorida Department of Citrus

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The Gift Fruit Shippers Advisory Council (GFSAC) met virtually on Sept. 29 to discuss results of the 2020–21 season and develop plans for the upcoming season.

In 2020–21, Florida Department of Citrus (FDOC) programs focused on communicating availability, quality, tradition, nutrition and Florida origin with consumers through social media and website activations to encourage purchases from Florida gift fruit shippers.

The social media program shared content positioning Florida gift fruit as the perfect way to share nutrition and sunshine during the holidays and throughout the citrus season. The program performed above the industry standard, resulting in more than 18 million impressions with an average engagement rate of 3.16%. Website traffic totaled more than 44,000 visits with about 88% representing new visitors to the site. Top-performing content included images that showed gift baskets and Honeybells.

For the 2021–22 season, the FDOC will continue to create awareness for Florida gift fruit by leveraging the key messages of availability, great taste and gift-giving. The program will also highlight the unique retail experiences available at gift fruit locations throughout the state. Social media programs will drive traffic to, which connects visitors with shippers so they can purchase directly from the source. The campaign will include a combination of video and still content, both new and repurposed from previous seasons.

The budget for the 2021–22 season is $57,600 with most of the funding going toward promoted social media content. The budget also includes content development, optimization and management.

The GFSAC approved moving forward with the plan presented with continued input from the shippers on the development of new content.

Source: Florida Department of Citrus

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