International Marketing Efforts for Florida Citrus

Ernie Neff Florida Department of Citrus, Marketing

Florida Department of Citrus marketing efforts in Japan focus on grapefruit.

The Florida Department of Citrus (FDOC) described its 2020-21 international marketing efforts at last month’s meeting of the Florida Citrus Commission, which governs the FDOC. Katie Bruce, international marketing manager, discussed the FDOC’s past-year programs in the United Kingdom (UK), France, Japan, South Korea and Canada for fresh grapefruit and orange juice. Bruce also presented an overview of preliminary 2021-22 plans.

UK highlights for the previous year included retail promotions at Waitrose, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons. The FDOC also partnered with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS) for successful programs at Waitrose and Morrisons. For 2021-22, the FDOC will focus on continuing retail programs that include in-store and online promotions, sampling and social media. It also aims to add more retailers and enhance its collaboration with FDACS.

In France, previous year highlights included public relations outreach to media and influencers promoting Florida grapefruit. For retail, the FDOC partnered with Monoprix, Systeme U, and Intermarche to share point-of-sale materials, run advertisements in retailer magazines and promote grapefruit digitally through online banner ads and game contests. In 2021-22, the department will continue these efforts and reimplement in-store activations if conditions allow.

Japan 2020-21 highlights included public relations activations around Florida Grapefruit Day in February, partnerships with local influencers, TV placements, magazine and billboard advertisements, youth educational outreach and social media programs. The department also worked closely with trade to better support grapefruit sales. Retail promotions were held at Daika Osaka, Jun Trading, Wismettac Asian Foods, Futaba Fruits, Taiyo and Tenor Trading Online Store. The FDOC also partnered with several food service establishments. In 2021-22, the department will continue these activities as well as build its grapefruit drug interaction program and target high-end retail shops.

South Korea highlights for 2020-21 included earned and paid media activations and point-of-sale materials in retailers and food service operations for both grapefruit and orange juice. The department held several online and in-store promotions, including at Emart, Hyundai Department Store, Coupang as well as food service promotions at Paradise Hotel Busan and Katter Allmant. In 2021-22, the department will increase these activities and continue to grow the awareness of Florida citrus.

In Canada, the FDOC ran promoted flyer ads for grapefruit and fresh oranges. It also partnered with Metro Ontario on a points program awarding buyers of Florida grapefruit. In addition, the department partnered with registered dietitians and influencers to promote the health benefits of Florida orange juice and promoted Florida citrus on social media. In 2021-22, the department plans to continue promoting the health benefits of Florida citrus as well as resume in-store sampling if conditions allow.

Besides international marketing, the FDOC conducts extensive marketing efforts in the United States.

Source: Florida Department of Citrus

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