Citrus Marketing Tactics Discussed

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Several of the approximately 30 participants in an April 29 webinar about citrus marketing tactics confirmed a presenter’s assertion that online shopping has become hugely popular.

Citrus Marketing Tactics

Speaker Chip Bates, executive vice president of Edible, the marketing agency for the Florida Department of Citrus (FDOC), said a majority of consumers would rather shop online than in a store. After making that statement, Bates asked the audience to answer questions about their online shopping behavior. A majority who responded said they made online purchases in the past month. They ordered primarily clothes, followed by household goods and groceries.

Audience members were also asked where they would like to see Florida orange juice advertisements placed in the future, and what content they’d like to see in the ads. One respondent called for recipes to be placed on social media sites Instagram, Pinterest and TikTok. A handful of respondents suggested that orange juice advertising content include a beach, a golfing scene, sunshine and Disney.

Bates said the average consumer spends more than 2.5 hours per day on social media, primarily Facebook.

Social media has been the primary way the FDOC reaches consumers in recent years. For many decades, the FDOC utilized primarily television to advertise Florida citrus products, but shrinking crops in Florida led to greatly reduced FDOC funding. As a result of the reduced funds, as well as the increasing popularity of social media, the FDOC switched its marketing primarily to the less-expensive social media platforms. 

The FDOC indicated that insights gleaned from the interactive webinar would help support 2022–23 season planning efforts for Florida orange juice marketing.

FDOC Global Marketing Director Samantha Lane hosted the webinar. In 2021, Lane described how social media and e-commerce have become major tools for advertising citrus and other products. Learn more about that presentation here.


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