Support for HLB Product Label Requests

Josh McGillPesticides

Florida Citrus Mutual (FCM) has been working with product registrants to gather industry support for two 24(c) label requests being presented to the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS).


The first request, from TJ BioTech, is related to the use of ReMedium TI via injection in citrus trees suffering from citrus greening. Research has proven oxytetracycline injection improves crop yield and quality, strengthens tree health, and allows trees to receive a precise delivery of the antimicrobial.

In a letter to Florida Commissioner of Agriculture Nikki Fried, FCM Executive Vice President Matt Joyner noted, “While oxytetracycline is already approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for foliar application on Florida citrus trees, the new label will allow growers to utilize the injection method, which increases efficacy and produces better outcomes compared to spray application.”

More than 50 Florida citrus growers, organizations and associations also submitted letters of support underscoring the urgent need for the approval of the ReMedium TI request.

FCM also has worked with registrant Nutrien to package letters of support related to a request for a 24(c) label allowing the use of Wrangler SLN on Florida citrus. Bayer Crop Science currently has a 24(c) for Admire Pro SLN to be used to treat young trees. But due to a recent fire at the manufacturing facility, Admire Pro SLN is not currently available and will not be in the near future. With the same amount of active ingredients per acre and per tree and the same application patterns and direction as Admire Pro SLN, Wrangler SLN would offer growers an effective and efficient alternative.

“While we have worked to develop a robust toolbox to help sustain our industry until a cure for citrus greening can be found, we currently find ourselves working without a key tool,” Joyner told Fried in a letter supporting the use of Wrangler SLN. Many growers joined FCM in submitting letters of support for this request.

Both registrants will be submitting their full packages to FDACS for consideration in the coming weeks and should have responses by the end of the year.

Source: Florida Citrus Mutual