May CRDF Meeting Focuses on Money Matters


The Citrus Research and Development Foundation (CRDF) board of directors attended to budgetary matters during its May meeting, as the end of the fiscal year nears.

Rick Dantzler

“We decided to transfer our remaining uncommitted funds from what we had budgeted for new research to the Citrus Research and Field Trial program to help growers treat mature trees with new therapies,” said Rick Dantzler, CRDF chief operating officer. “We believe these therapies will work, and it is critical that statewide production increase.”

The board also discussed a draft budget for next year. Since many proposed projects would be considered during June, it was decided to see what happened with them before acting on next year’s budget.

“We updated our business plan to reflect how the industry has changed in the last few years and endorsed a new vision for the Select Committee on Plant Improvement,” Dantzler said. “Since we envision an ongoing role for the select committee, we decided that it would be better for it to be a standing committee since a select committee is, by definition, time limited. I’ll have more to say about this in the coming weeks.

“We are also recommending that the citrus box tax be kept at its current rate of two pennies, but action will not be taken on this until the meeting on the box tax is held in June. So, if growers wish to express their feelings on the tax, now is the time.”

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