Valencia on US-942 Rootstock Is Favored Florida Tree

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For at least the last four years, the Valencia SPB-1-14-19 orange has been the most-produced citrus variety in Florida, and US-942 has been the favored rootstock. So, it makes sense that the Valencia SPB-1-14-19 on US-942 rootstock has been the most-produced tree combination for four years running. That information was provided at April’s Florida Citrus Growers’ Institute in Avon Park by Ben Rosson, chief of the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services’ Bureau of Citrus Budwood Registration.


“It just depends on what was available and what the customer called for,” Rosson said.

In 2022–23, 288,888 Florida-produced trees were Valencia SPB-1-14-19 on US-942. The next most-produced trees were:

  • Valencia SPB-1-14-19 on Kuharske (177,310 trees)
  • Valencia SPB-1-14-19 on Swingle (161,135)
  • Valencia SPB-1-14-19 on US-812 (52,502)
  • Valencia SPB-1-14-19 on X-639 (37,311)
  • Vernia UF 35-15 on Kuharske (29,942)
  • Vernia UF 35-15 on US-942 (26,493)

In 2021–22, 420,366 trees were Valencia SPB-1-14-19 on US-942. Valencia SPB-1-14-19 also held the next three spots on Kuharske, X-639 and Swingle rootstocks, in order. The fifth most-produced tree in 2021–22 was Vernia UF 35-15 on US-942.

2021–22 was the most recent season for which Rosson presented production figures for individual scions and rootstocks. Top scions that year were:

  • 1.63 million Valencia SPB-1-14-19
  • 293,334 Vernia UF 35-15
  • 174,304 Hamlin 1-4-1
  • 122,516 Valencia F-55-4

Top rootstocks were:

  • 944,047 US-942
  • 618,206 Kuharske
  • 498,462 X-632
  • 330,438 Swingle

Rosson reported that 44 commercial citrus nurseries in Florida produced 3.6 million trees in 2022. In 2021, 45 nurseries produced 4.8 million trees. In 2020, 37 nurseries produced 3.9 million trees. In 2019, 41 nurseries produced 3.9 million trees. The vast majority of those trees are for commercial groves. Rosson said about 10% to 15% are produced for the retail dooryard market.

See Rosson’s full presentation here.

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