European Mandarin Production Declines

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European Union (EU) mandarin production in 2022–23 is forecast at 3 million metric tons (MMT), down almost 4% from the prior season, the U.S. Department of Agriculture Foreign Agricultural Service (USDA FAS) recently reported.


The shortage in EU mandarin production this year is mainly the result of anticipated decreases in Spain, EU’s major mandarin producer. Spain and Italy are respectively the first and second largest EU mandarin producers, accounting for nearly 65% and 25%, respectively, of the EU’s total mandarin production.

In Spain, the lack of rain and warm temperatures since summer 2022 reduced the country’s mandarin production expectations by nearly 10% compared to the previous season, to slightly below 2 MMT. Italy’s 2022–23 mandarin production is expected to remain flat from the previous season. Greece’s 2022–23 mandarin production is expected to increase by 28% compared to the previous year due to increased fruit-set that improved yields.

In 2022–23, EU planted area for mandarins may slightly decrease to almost 149,500 hectares. Spanish mandarin planted area may continue to decrease while the rest of EU mandarin planted area remains flat.

The EU is a net importer of mandarins. In 2021–22, EU mandarin imports slightly increased to meet demand. For 2022–23, EU mandarin imports are expected to decline in line with an anticipated reduction in internal demand. Morocco, South Africa, Turkey, Israel, Peru and Egypt are the leading suppliers to the EU market.

The reduced domestic supply driven by the shorter Spanish mandarin production is projected to limit EU mandarin exports. In 2021–22, the trade balance continued to erode with increased imports and a reduction in exports. EU’s main export market destinations for mandarins, primarily shipped from Spain, are the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Ukraine, Belarus, Norway and Canada.

See the full USDA FAS report on the European Union.

Source: USDA FAS

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