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Trunk injection of oxytetracycline (OTC) is giving growers hope for the future of the Florida citrus industry. Many are optimistic the new therapy will help improve both fruit quality and quantity. The key will be whether fruit holds on the trees until harvest time. The October issue of Citrus Industry magazine provides the latest information on OTC trunk injection from researchers and growers.

Ute Albrecht, University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (UF/IFAS) associate professor, has been the lead scientist studying trunk injection. Her October article gives a thorough summary of research results to date. Larger fruit and higher Brix are among the findings of her ongoing trials. She is also studying OTC rates, timing and injection location. Learn much more from her article.

OTC appears to be producing positive results, but is it worth the cost? That’s a question UF/IFAS economist Ariel Singerman answers in his October article. He presents different yield scenarios and cost considerations to help growers determine if OTC treatments will deliver an adequate return on investment.

A third article on OTC injection, by Editor Frank Giles, discusses how some growers are streamlining the process to make it more efficient. Best practices for fine-tuning applications are also included.

Some growers who are using OTC are enrolled in the Citrus Research and Field Trial (CRAFT) program. CRAFT provides funding for growers testing various HLB treatments in their groves. Tina Buice, CRAFT Foundation assistant program manager, presents an article that explains how growers can gain online access to the details and ongoing results of CRAFT projects throughout Florida.

You’ll find all of these feature articles and more in the October issue of Citrus Industry, coming soon to your mailbox or inbox. If you are not already subscribing to the magazine, sign up here.

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