KeyPlex Citrus Symposium to Address Fruit Drop

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KeyPlex has scheduled a citrus symposium for July 25 at the SEVEN Sebring Raceway Hotel. The meeting will focus on research conducted by Vladimiro Guarnaccia, associate professor of plant pathology at the University of Torino in Italy. He will present evidence on the origins of fruit drop.

Research sponsored by the European Union and KeyPlex at the University of Torino has clearly identified Colletotrichum gloeosporioides and other fungal pathogens as playing a major role in fruit drop. Gaurnaccia will present the results of this two-year research project at the symposium. He also will suggest solutions growers can deploy in groves to help reduce fruit drop.

“We started hypothesizing that Glomerella cingulata — the sexual phase of C. gloeosporioides — was the main cause of early fruit drop in citrus, not HLB, as has been long presumed,” says Gerald O’Connor, chief executive officer of KeyPlex. “We scoured the world looking for information on this and came across Dr. Guarnaccia, who was already working on it at the University of Torino. We are excited to present the results of this groundbreaking research — the result of many years of work — that will help the citrus industry.”

If you are interested in attending the symposium, email O’Connor at for a personal invitation.

Source: KeyPlex

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