Georgia Citrus Association Holds First Annual Meeting

Kayla MercerCitrus

The Georgia Citrus Association held its first annual meeting in Tifton, Georgia today. The association’s president, Lindy Savelle, said the meeting was a huge success. The Georgia Citrus Association began in October with 27 members. Since then, the association has grown. Savelle says that there were over 275 people in attendance for the meeting. There were also 21 vendors and … Read More

Analyzing Volatile Organic Compounds to Detect HLB

Kayla MercerCitrus, Citrus Greening

Fresh Oranges on a tree.

Another early detection and screening process for HLB has been developed at the University of California, Davis. Cristina Davis, professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering, is using volatile organic compounds (VOCs) as indicators of disease in trees. VOCs are odors that are emitted by all living things. These odors can be very meaningful, because they are distinctively different between a … Read More

Monitoring Plant Metabolism to Detect HLB

Kayla MercerCitrus, Citrus Greening

HLB pre-screening through analyzing plant metabolism holds potential to be a relatively inexpensive option for growers. Caroline Slupsky, professor in the Department of Nutrition and Food Science and the Department of Technology at the University of California, Davis, is looking at the metabolism of citrus trees and analyzing changes as indicators of stress and disease. Plants’ metabolic pathways change in … Read More