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January 2017 Citrus Industry magazine
A new year is just around the corner and so is the next issue of Citrus Industry magazine. The January issue features a cover story on Callie Walker, chief of the Bureau of Pest Eradication and Control for the Florida Department of Agriculture. Learn about Walker’s deep roots in citrus and what she is doing about the abandoned grove problem.

A new monthly feature called California Corner debuts in the January issue. It covers research and happenings from the state that produces the second largest orange crop. Each month, California Corner will cover a topic of importance to the citrus industry.

Another state — Georgia — is getting in on the citrus action this month, too. Senior correspondent at large Ernie Neff takes a look at the newly formed Georgia Citrus Association. Learn the details of who founded the organization and how and why it was formed.

Postbloom fruit drop is a major concern for citrus growers. University of Florida Associate Professor Megan Dewdney tells growers how they can be prepared for the disease and protect their groves.

Two possible up-and-coming crops for the Sunshine State are explored in the January issue. The first is finger lime, also known as citrus caviar. Finger limes contain round juice vesicles, which are a delicacy in demand by chefs. Second is pumpkins, grown for their seeds and oil for the expanding snacking and vegetable oil industries.

Finally, don’t miss this month’s grower-contributed View from the Grove article. Jim Hoffman of Estes Citrus details the success he has seen using organic mulch for soil improvement.

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