Chaires Succeeds Chadwell at Citrus Administrative Committee

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Citrus Administrative Committee

Peter Chaires

Peter Chaires will succeed Arthur B. (Duke) Chadwell as manager of the Citrus Administrative Committee (CAC) on Aug. 1.

Chadwell, who has managed the committee since January 1987, will retire today.

Chaires becomes the fourth manager of the committee in its 80-year existence. He is also executive vice president of Florida Citrus Packers and executive director of New Varieties Development and Management Corporation. All of the organizations Chaires serves deal primarily with fresh Florida citrus.

Citrus Administrative Committee

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The CAC’s new address is P.O. Box 941058, Maitland, FL 32794. The phone number is 321-214-5214.

The committee administers federal Marketing Order No. 905 for oranges, grapefruit, tangerines and tangelos grown in Florida. The order regulates fresh Florida citrus shipments in interstate and export commerce.

George F. Hamner, Jr. of Indian River Exchange Packers is chairman of the CAC.

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