Florida Grapefruit Decline in Final Forecast

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The U.S. Department of Agriculture released the final citrus crop forecast of the 2019-20 season on July 10. The only monthly change in Florida was in the grapefruit crop, which dipped slightly. Here’s a summary of the season’s production by variety and state:

The Florida all-orange forecast remained unchanged at 67.65 million boxes, but is down 6 percent from last season’s final utilization of 71.85 million boxes. Florida produced 38 million boxes of Valencias and 29.65 million boxes of non-Valencia oranges.

California’s all-orange production is 51 million boxes, up from 48.5 million boxes in June but down from 51.4 million boxes last season. The Texas all-orange forecast tumbled to 1.34 million boxes, down from 2.3 million boxes in June and down from 2.5 million boxes last season.

Florida’s all-grapefruit forecast dipped to 4.85 million boxes, down from 4.89 million boxes in June but up from 4.51 million boxes last season. The July decline came in reds; the forecast is 4.06 million boxes, down from 4.1 million boxes in June. Whites were unchanged month-to-month at 790,000 boxes.

California grapefruit production tumbled to 3.8 million boxes from 4.3 million boxes in June and from 4.1 million boxes last season. Texas grapefruit production fell to 4.4 million boxes, down from 5.8 million boxes in June and from 6.1 million boxes last season.

Florida tangerine and tangelo production was unchanged from June at 1.02 million boxes but was up from 990,000 boxes last season.

California’s tangerine and tangelo forecast fell to 21 million boxes, down from 23 million boxes in June and from 26.5 million boxes last season.

The lemon forecast is unchanged at 1.9 million boxes for Arizona and 21 million boxes for California. Arizona production is up from last season’s 1.35 million boxes; California is down from last season’s 23.7 million boxes.

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Source: U.S. Department of Agriculture