Inflation Considered in OJ Marketing

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The Florida Department of Citrus (FDOC) is exploring ways to entice consumers to buy orange juice (OJ) in the face of inflation, Florida Citrus Commission Chairman Steve Johnson stated recently. He reported that the FDOC is “analyzing how inflation may impact consumers in the months ahead and exploring which marketing activities may help ensure Florida orange juice remains in carts as prices increase across the board.”

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Johnson stated that consumers are more likely to purchase OJ when they hear about its positive attributes like great taste and health benefits. “Consumers are also willing to pay more for 100% orange juice when they associate it with Florida,” he said.

FDOC data shows that consumers “are already responding to increased food prices in various ways,” Johnson stated. For instance, from May to December 2021, 8% of consumers had purchased less food, 23% purchased store brands or economy sizes, and 32% looked for in-store promotions, deals or coupons.

“Most concerning of these findings is the increased shift in the percentage seeking in-store promotions,” Johnson added. “These in-store promotions have been on the decline for OJ for some time. And that isn’t expected to change. This makes the department’s marketing programs even more crucial as we focus on capturing consumer attention without discounts or coupons.”

Johnson said FDOC marketing programs focus on driving sales through e-commerce and increasing awareness of the health benefits of Florida OJ. “The Original Wellness Drink campaign, which we expect to continue in the new season, highlights the ways orange juice has always been an easy and great-tasting way to add nutrition to the day,” Johnson said. “Continuing these efforts is vital as sales of orange juice and all goods are impacted by inflation and other supply-chain and production challenges.”

Source: Florida Department of Citrus

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