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Orange Juice Sales ‘Remain Strong’

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Florida Citrus Commission (FCC) Chairman Steve Johnson discussed strong orange juice sales in an email this month to members of the Florida citrus industry:

“As prices continue to rise across the board for goods and services, many shoppers may find themselves buying not what they want but what they need. The key for us is making sure OJ remains on that list. For now, the data remains encouraging.

“The most recent 4-week Nielsen retail sales report ending May 21 shows that sales of orange juice remain strong when compared to pre-pandemic levels. Sales of total OJ are up by 1.5% compared to 2019 with sales of NFC (not from concentrate) OJ up by 4.4%. While the orange juice category has not been immune to the pressures of inflation, the year-over-year price increase of OJ remains below the national average of increases in prices of food at home.

“As we continue to plan for the year ahead, following this data closely and adapting our marketing strategy as needed will be vital. We know that consumers continue to seek out foods and beverages that provide health benefits and are aware that orange juice is well known for its vitamin C and immune support. Making sure that remains clear is of high importance.”

Orange Juice Sales

Johnson said the OJ sales topic will receive more in-depth attention when the FCC meets in Bonita Springs in conjunction with the Florida Citrus Mutual annual conference. “Partners from the department’s (Florida Department of Citrus) marketing agency Edible have been exploring the potential impact of inflation and will present more during the grower education sessions on Thursday, June 16,” Johnson wrote. “With only a few weeks left in the season, the department’s marketing campaign continues to perform well. Since July, the e-commerce program has driven more than $65 million in attributed sales of Florida orange juice, far surpassing the original goal of $30 million. The new campaign, which continues the e-commerce program with some adaptations, will kick off July 1, ensuring no interruption for consumers.”

Johnson added that the FCC will meet in Bonita Springs at 9 a.m. on June 15. The FCC is the governing board for the Florida Department of Citrus. 

Source: Florida Department of Citrus

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