Citrus Health Benefits Research Update

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Florida Department of Citrus-funded research into the health benefits of citrus products was among the highlights of a 2021–22 update the Florida Citrus Commission received in June. Rosa Walsh, director of scientific research at the department, provided the update.

Citrus Health Benefits

The update included three new publications on additional analyses of the Eurecat study on the impact of orange juice (OJ) and hesperidin on cardiovascular disease risk. A study suggesting that OJ has the potential to help fight inflammation and oxidative stress in adults by the Think Healthy Group was published in October and presented in May at a dietitian conference.

Walsh reported that the Scientific Research Department (SRD) team of the Florida Department of Citrus helped communicate the findings of four additional studies this year on the health benefits of OJ.

Walsh also discussed the numerous committees the SRD team is part of, conferences and webinars they attended and presentations they gave. Those activities included a Canadian webinar for dietitians at grocery retailer Loblaws and the Today’s Dietitian conference.

Ongoing projects included studies on nutrient density and OJ; OJ and glycemia, energy and behavior; and OJ and skin health.

Another project Walsh reported on was a study on grapefruit juice’s effect on cardiovascular health in women.

In 2022–23, the SRD team plans to continue ongoing projects as well as recontract a project that was previously approved but postponed.

Walsh also reported that a partnership with the University of South Florida College of Public Health is being explored in order to fulfill some of the duties of Gail Rampersaud, a longtime Florida Department of Citrus registered dietitian who is retiring.

The Florida Department of Citrus, which is governed by the Florida Citrus Commission, funds research into the health benefits of citrus to support claims made in advertising and public relations efforts.

Source: Florida Department of Citrus

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