Fundecitrus Researchers Contribute to Citrus Meetings

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Fundecitrus researchers contributed to two recent citrus gatherings in South America — the 48th Expocitrus/44th Citriculture Week in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and a CITRIBAC project meeting in Argentina.

Researchers from several countries participated in a CITRIBAC project meeting in Argentina.

Researchers Franklin Behlau, Marcelo Miranda and Geraldo Silva Júnior, along with postdoctoral fellows Deived Carvalho and Wellington Ivo Eduardo, gave lectures on citrus-growing topics at the 48th Expocitrus/ 44th Citriculture Week. The event, which is the largest citrus fair in Latin America, honored Miranda with its Outstanding Citriculture Engineer-Agronomist Award.

More than 10,000 people visited the 48th Expocitros/44th Citriculture Week. Attendees included agronomists, citrus producers, agricultural technicians, professors, students, researchers and company representatives in the citrus sector.

Fundecitrus highlighted the environmental, economic and social riches of the citrus belt. It reinforced the importance of phytosanitary care in citrus growing and of adequate and rigorous control of pests and diseases of citrus. It mainly raised awareness of HLB and the need for action to curb the disease’s spread.

Fundecitrus researcher Renato Bassanezi participated in the Argentina meeting to discuss the CITRIBAC project. That project establishes standardized procedures for the diagnosis of bacteria that cause or are associated with HLB, citrus canker and citrus variegated chlorosis in Latin American countries, the Caribbean and Spain. The project also seeks more effective management strategies and the transfer of results to producers.

CITRIBAC is funded by the CYTED Programme, which supports the scientific and technological development of different countries through joint scientific research and knowledge sharing.

According to Bassanezi, the CITRIBAC meeting was important for the transfer of knowledge about HLB. “This experience among professionals was fundamental for us to define the next actions of the project,” said Bassanezi.

Fundecitrus researchers Behlau, Nelson Wulff and Silvio Lopes are also part of the CITRIBAC project.

Researchers from Argentina, Spain, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Uruguay and Colombia participated in the CITRIBAC meeting.

Source: Fundecitrus

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