Fundecitrus App Aids Psyllid Insecticide Rotation

Josh McGillBrazil, HLB Management, Technology

The Fundecitrus app, launched in February, has a new feature to help citrus growers properly rotate insecticides to manage the psyllid that spreads citrus greening disease. The new feature helps growers choose insecticides with different modes of action.

Fundecitrus app
Rotation of chemicals is necessary to prevent resistance in Asian citrus psyllids. (Photo by Jeffrey W. Lotz)

The use of insecticides with the same mode of action in sequential applications can result in an increase in the frequency of resistant individuals in the psyllid population. That can cause a reduction in the effectiveness of products, a reduction in the control period and the need for reapplications.

Therefore, for chemical control to be effective, it is important that there be no selection of resistant psyllids capable of surviving applications of a given insecticide. The psyllid insecticide rotation feature of the app allows the producer to plan an adequate rotation, preventing the repetition of products from the same chemical group. It also indicates the order of application of the products. Additionally, the grower can simulate and compare the cost of different rotations of insecticides by registering the value and dose of the products, the interval between applications and the volume of spray used.

The recommendation is to rotate insecticides with at least three different modes of action, without sequential applications of insecticides with the same mode of action.

According to Fundecitrus agronomist Guilherme Rodriguez, who was involved in the development of the app, producers need to work together to control greening.

“The citrus belt has seen a significant increase in the population of psyllids and, consequently, an increase in the incidence of greening,” Rodriguez said. “As a result, producers need to protect their properties. The idea of ​​this app is to offer as much information as possible to help them work in the field with increasingly practical solutions.”

The Fundecitrus app is available for free download in the app stores. The psyllid insecticide rotation feature currently is only available for the Android system.

Source: Fundecitrus

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