Fundecitrus Researchers Honored for HLB Article

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Six Fundecitrus researchers recently received an award from the journal Tropical Plant Pathology, edited by the Brazilian Society of Phytopathology. The award is in recognition of the researchers’ work in the scientific article “Overview of citrus huanglongbing spread and management strategies in Brazil.” The researchers honored are Renato Beozzo Bassanezi, Sílvio Aparecido Lopes, Marcelo Pedreira de Miranda, Nelson Arno Wulff, Haroldo Xavier Linhares Volpe and Antonio Juliano Ayres.

Renato Beozzo Bassanezi accepted the award on behalf of his coauthors.

The article records the history of the emergence of HLB in Brazil and the evolution of disease management over the years. The award ceremony was part of the closing ceremony of the 53rd Brazilian Congress of Phytopathology.

The article published by the researchers in 2020 was chosen for having the highest number of citations in the two years following publication. There were more than 80 mentions in other works developed with the same theme.

“This shows how important the subject is for the world’s citrus industry and how it has been the object of study in the scientific community,” said Bassanezi, who represented the co-authors at the ceremony. “It is also a very rewarding recognition given the enormous work that Fundecitrus has been tirelessly developing by researchers in disseminating measures that show good results in the management of greening.”

Ayres, researcher and Fundecitrus general manager, said research is one of the strongest pillars of Fundecitrus. “Without it, it is not possible for science to move toward sustainable development,” Ayres said. “Since 2004, when greening was identified, Fundecitrus has spared no efforts and investments to outline the measures that present the best results for the citrus grower to carry out the correct management, mitigating the damage caused by a disease that has no cure.”

In addition to the researchers, the editors of the special issue on citrus bacterial diseases were recognized.

Source: Fundecitrus

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