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California Star Ruby Season and Contest Announced

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star ruby
Photo courtesy of Sunkist

Sunkist Growers, Inc. recently announced that California Star Ruby grapefruit season has arrived. The company also announced a national display contest for retailers.

“According to a new Sunkist-commissioned study, grapefruit buyers continue to be loyal to the variety, with 50% making repeat purchases multiple times per month,” said Cassie Howard, senior director of category management and marketing at Sunkist Growers, Inc. “When speaking with shoppers, we also know that pricing, promotions in-store and a strengthened focus on health are the key takeaways to encourage more grapefruit purchases.”

According to Sunkist, California Star Ruby grapefruit offers shoppers healthier snack and meal alternatives and more value from their grocery purchases. The Sunkist-commissioned study revealed that most shoppers are purchasing grapefruit for its health benefits, followed by taste, and that breakfast and snacking are the most common usages for consumption. Sunkist stated that those insights can help its retailers better position health-focused breakfast options for grapefruit and introduce new ways to incorporate grapefruit into everyday life for shoppers.

“We aim to be a shopper’s go-to resource for instilling healthy citrus-infused habits at home,” stated Howard, adding that shoppers “internally battle healthy eating versus indulgence at checkout.”

Sunkist’s shoppable recipe programs and merchandising toolkit feature interactive point-of-sale materials with scannable QR codes, providing shoppers with real-time recipe and utilization tips.

Sunkist this season has expanded offerings to fit the needs of its retail partners, providing multiple bag options and customizable merchandising that won’t negatively impact bulk purchases.

Sunkist’s national display contest that takes place through July offers prizes awarded to the produce managers at three winning stores. Produce managers can contact their local Sunkist sales representatives to learn about the rules and eligibility.

Sunkist Growers is a citrus marketing cooperative founded in 1893. It is owned by and operated for thousands of family farmers growing citrus in California and Arizona.

Source: Sunkist Growers, Inc.

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