citrus juice sales

Citrus Juice Sales Continue to Decline

Daniel CooperFlorida Department of Citrus, Orange Juice

citrus juice sales

At its May 9 meeting, the Florida Citrus Commission (FCC) learned how much retail sales of citrus juice continue to decline. Florida Department of Citrus (FDOC) Director of Economic and Market Research Marisa Zansler reported on the period ending April 20. Orange juice (OJ) sales were down by 11.6%, and grapefruit juice sales were down by 9%.

For the fourth period in a row, not-from-concentrate (NFC) OJ sales were up by 3%, and there was an 8% increase in sales of the most popular size, which falls in the 50- to 70-ounce range.

The total price of OJ was up 9% to $9.40 per gallon. The average NFC price was $10.31 per gallon. The overall average price for reconstituted OJ for the season is $7.80 per gallon.

Zansler reported that despite declining availability worldwide, OJ maintains a 50% share of the 100% fruit juice category. She emphasized that OJ is an important component of the 100% fruit juice category and is a staple in many households. She added that the FDOC continues to review the value of maintaining research and marketing for OJ. 

Overall volume movement of grapefruit juice was down 9% for the period with a price increase of about 5%.   

Also at its May meeting, the FCC approved a $225,000 contract with Visit Florida to continue providing free Florida orange juice at three state welcome centers.

Visit Florida, the state’s tourism-marketing agency, has been operating three highway welcome centers since closing its facility on Highway 231 in Jackson County in 2019. At that time, the FDOC also ended the contract for free juice at welcome centers on Interstate 10 west of Pensacola, Interstate 75 at the Hamilton County community of Jennings and Interstate 95 north of the Nassau County community of Yulee.

Free cups of juice had been a staple of welcome centers since 1949, and an outcry brought back funding for the promotional effort in 2020.

Sources: News Service of Florida and FDOC

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