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Task Force and Credit Line to Assist Brazil with Greening

Daniel CooperBrazil, HLB Management

task force
Photo credit: Fundecitrus

Fundecitrus recently announced two efforts aimed at assisting Brazilian growers with citrus greening. A São Paulo task force will include a focus on the disease, and a credit line will be available for growers with greening in their orchards.

In addition to greening, the public/private task force will address development of biofertilizer and biological research, studies to increase productivity in the sugar and alcohol sector, and improvement of the germplasm bank for orange and sugar cane.

The secretariat of agriculture and supply of the São Paulo government will launch the task force with the support of the São Paulo State Research Support Foundation and institutions from the public and private sector. This large cooperative network will have the participation of Fundecitrus, the Luiz de Queiroz College of Agriculture at the University of São Paulo, the Agronomic Institute, the Biological Institute of São Paulo, the São Paulo Agribusiness Technology Agency and other institutions.

Juliano Ayres, general manager of Fundecitrus, said the task force will be a big step for agribusiness in São Paulo.

“We will have the opportunity to create a large-scale structure together and the largest research program in Brazilian agribusiness,” said Ayres. “Fundecitrus has been working with science and technology for over 45 years to make Brazilian citrus farming even more sustainable and productive. This partnership reinforces our commitment to citrus growers in the search for innovative solutions for the sector.”

Ayres said one of the positive points of the project is the training of young citrus researchers who will continue generating cutting-edge technology for the sector. “We are absolutely committed, in every possible way, to combat greening. Together we will defeat the disease and preserve the state of São Paulo as a world leader in the production of oranges for juice,” he said.

Another major achievement for Brazilian citrus was the announcement of the availability of a credit line from the Paulista Agribusiness Expansion Fund for citrus growers whose orchards are affected by greening.

“We opened this line of credit for those small producers who want to start their lives over and even start a new crop,” said Guilherme Piai, state secretary of agriculture and supply of São Paulo.

The credit line’s conditions are advantageous for citrus growers in São Paulo, with R$300,000 available per producer. Terms include 96 months to pay, a grace period of 36 months and interest starting at 3% per year.

Source: Fundecitrus

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