Making Sense of Biologicals: Seaweed for Citrus Stress Management

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Florida provides an environment conducive to producing a variety of crops 365 days a year. It has beautiful sunshine, an ideal climate and ample rainfall for most of the year. These conditions allow Florida growers to produce some of the best citrus in the world. But Florida citrus is not immune to the harsh realities that can come with growing … Read More

Making Sense of Biologicals: A Key Tool Against Citrus Canker

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Disease management ranks high on the list of every Florida citrus grower’s agenda. Tools are available for producers to combat citrus diseases like greasy spot, melanose, scab, foot rot and citrus canker. But growers can never have enough tools, especially when disease resistance is a real possibility in the future. STOCKING THE TOOLBOX“To grow citrus trees and produce quality fruit … Read More

Making Sense of Biologicals – Biofertilizers: Improving Nutrition in Citrus Trees

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Citrus greening disease appears to be a problem for the foreseeable future for Florida growers. But what if growers could improve nutrition so trees could better cope with the disease? Scientists at Douglas Plant Health believe biofertilizers have that capability. “Think about it from a human health standpoint,” says Marcus Jones, vice president of research and development at Douglas Plant … Read More

Making Sense of Biologicals: Improve Fruit Size and Quality

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Citrus growers need as many tools in their toolbox as possible. With the Florida citrus industry decimated in recent years, mainly due to citrus greening disease, growers are exploring all options to help them succeed. CYAN 365®, a biostimulant from C Green Ag Biotechnology, is one tool that has proven to help enhance the quality and size of citrus crops, … Read More

Making Sense of Biologicals: Crop Optimization With Seaweed

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Sometimes growers must think outside the box to remain sustainable amid high input costs and devastating diseases. That is the situation facing citrus growers who are struggling to remain viable in the era of citrus greening. What if seaweed could be used to aid in the quality of citrus production? Seaweed is a biostimulant that is part of the biological … Read More

Making Sense of Biologicals: Benefits of Biostimulants

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Fertilizers help crops reach maximum yields while fungicides prevent diseases. But what if there were products available that could further enhance the fruiting qualities all growers hope to achieve every season? IMPROVED FRUIT PRODUCTIONIf growers can increase the level of flowering hormones in their crops, this will allow for a better fertilization process that will generate improved fruit set and … Read More

Making Sense of Biologicals: Interest Increasing in Biologicals

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By Clint Thompson Increased interest in biologicals stems from their long-term sustainability and the belief that synthetic materials have reached their ceiling of productivity. Tate McPherson, vice president of marketing and business development at Douglas Plant Health (DPH), shares those sentiments about biologicals, which represent a group of products derived from living organisms. Farmers utilize these environmentally friendly products in … Read More