Rooting Problems in Citrus Trees

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Rooting issues in citrus containers were a major problem this year for growers in Georgia. Kim Jones, who farms citrus in Georgia and Florida, implores producers to inspect their trees extensively before planting them. He said there were various reports of j-rooting and circle-rooting in container plants. Trees with these problems are more vulnerable to high-stress environmental conditions if left … Read More

Root Depth Isn’t What It Used To Be

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By Evan Johnson, Tanyaradzwa Chinyukwi, Lorenzo Rossi and Davie Kadyampakeni Huanglongbing’s (HLB) detrimental effect on roots has changed how we think about root health and horticultural management of citrus in Florida. As part of the work studying nutritional responses described in Effect of Nutrients on Canopy Response and Yield, we are studying the effects of macronutrient and micronutrient fertilization on … Read More

Effects of Grower Tools on Citrus Diseases and Roots

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Citrus researchers at the University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (UF/IFAS) are taking a more comprehensive look at how tools to manage HLB affect young trees. The goal is to develop integrated approaches and update management practices for growers. After one year of the research project, some interesting results are already emerging. The research project, “Establishing Healthy … Read More

Improving Root Health in the Era of HLB

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Developing and maintaining a healthy root system is crucial for establishment and long-term productivity of citrus trees. The presence of HLB can greatly complicate citrus root-health management. The infection causes severe damage to fibrous roots that amplify the detrimental effects caused by other root pests and pathogens, such as phytophthora root rot. Due to HLB’s widespread presence throughout Florida, root-health … Read More

Root Architecture, Propagation Method and Citrus Tree Growth

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By Ute Albrecht, Sameer Pokhrel and Kim D. Bowman The rootstock has received increased attention as a management strategy to alleviate the devastating effects of HLB. In commercial citrus nursery production, rootstocks are typically propagated by seed. This is possible because citrus produces polyembryonic seeds with nucellar embryos, which develop into plants that are genetically identical to the mother plant. … Read More

HLB and Citrus Root Health

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“We’re not going to have a silver bullet” for HLB, says Lorenzo Rossi, an assistant professor at the Indian River Research and Education Center. Instead, the University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (UF/IFAS) root biologist says that researchers are trying to keep citrus producing profitably. Rossi described some of his research efforts that focus on root health … Read More

Root Health Update

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Evan Johnson, a University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (UF/IFAS) plant pathologist at the Citrus Research and Education Center, updates efforts to help citrus tree roots cope with HLB. He starts by noting that around 10 years ago he and former UF/IFAS researcher Jim Graham discovered “that HLB causes severe damage to the root system.” They hoped … Read More

Newly Planted Trees and HLB

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Newly planted trees need to have root systems that are as established, robust and healthy as possible before contracting HLB, Evan Johnson told growers at Citrus Expo. That’s because HLB takes out a tree’s fibrous root system and causes dieback of the structural root system. Having strong root systems from the start will increase the productive life of trees, the … Read More

Studying Citrus Roots in the HLB Era

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By Lorenzo Rossi, Ute Albrecht and Evan Johnson Citrus root systems are confronted with many challenges that limit resource availability needed for tree productivity. Challenges are compounded by huanglongbing (HLB), which now affects nearly all citrus trees throughout Florida’s production areas. Contrary to the above-ground portion of the tree, study of the below-ground portion is considerably more difficult. This article … Read More

Strategies for Stronger Roots

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Citrus growers discuss production practices to improve root health. By Tacy Callies What began as an experiment in Ben Krupski’s 10-acre grove in Howey-in-the-Hills, Florida, is now a common practice he uses as production manager for Lennon Grove Service. Four years ago, Krupski started testing the use of compost in his small leased block of Hamlin trees. In the first … Read More