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The Florida Department of Citrus (FDOC) showed its “The Original Wellness Drink” videos about Florida orange juice (OJ) within major airports during the holiday season. These 15- and 30-second videos played throughout multiple markets via airports in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, New York, Orlando, Tampa/Sarasota and Washington, D.C. The ads ran from Thanksgiving week through New Year’s Eve, targeting at least six million consumers. View the 15-second video here.

OJ Videos

Based on the success of this program, the department will run additional video content in key airports during spring break, Karmen Johnson, CEO of Edible, Inc., told the Florida Citrus Commission recently. Edible is the FDOC’s advertising agency. From Feb. 23 through March 31, the ads will play in Florida airports in order to target those headed to the state for the holiday, including in Orlando, Sanford, Tampa/Sarasota, Miami, Jacksonville and Naples/Fort Myers. Additionally, the ads will run in airports in Atlanta, Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Minneapolis, New York, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. with an expected 5 million impressions.

The department is also working on in-store retail activations to further support sales of Florida OJ among consumers. These include in-store communications, signage and retail registered dietitian partnerships.

OJ Videos

Johnson also provided updates on a recent photo shoot to create new content to fuel marketing programs as well as influencer partnerships as part of the FDOC’s Winter Wellness campaign. Additionally, Johnson shared several examples of social media content that has resonated well with consumers, including on Instagram and TikTok.

On the earned media side, Johnson provided updates that include nearly 500 million impressions from promotion of an FDOC-sponsored study on inflammation, a release on winter wellness and partnerships with registered dietitians.

Johnson shared several trends the Edible team is following in order to ensure marketing programs remain relevant to consumers. These trends include increased travel to Florida, inflation impacting buying decisions, and turning to OJ as a coffee alternative. These insights are used to help support the continued success of the department’s e-commerce program.

Source: Florida Department of Citrus

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