Marketing Florida Orange Juice: Progress and Plans

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Marketing Florida Orange Juice

Florida Department of Citrus (FDOC) staff and members of the FDOC’s marketing firm, Edible, told the Florida Citrus Commission (FCC) on March 16 about recent marketing Florida orange Juice successes and plans for 2022–23.

Karmen Johnson of Edible provided an update on current marketing activities. The e-commerce program includes a collaboration with Kroger and Pinterest that targeted more than 580,000 households of lapsed orange juice buyers and drove $4.5 million in sales.

A satellite media tour with Vandana Sheth, Registered Dietitian partner, reached more than 36 million viewers across the country with messages on the health and wellness benefits of Florida orange juice.

Johnson also provided a look at the 2022–23 planning process by sharing target audience insights. The primary audience continues to be lapsed orange juice buyers. Those buyers’ behaviors have started to shift, necessitating some shifts in the way the FDOC reaches them. Data shows that these buyers are triggered to purchase in three areas: for family, at break time and on impulse. A combination of e-commerce and awareness tactics will be necessary to continue driving sales.

Meredith Nelson of Edible said that in order to keep consumers drinking orange juice amid inflation and changing behaviors, delivering authentic and trustworthy content will be necessary. This can be accomplished through social media and e-commerce with a focus on the power of mobile technology.

Samantha Lane, FDOC director of global marketing, said the FCC will get a first look at the marketing Florida orange juice plan for the 2022–23 season in May. Then, there will be a deeper dive into the plan at the June FCC meeting, she said.

The FCC serves as the governing board for the FDOC. Learn about the FDOC’s budget for the current marketing year, 2021–22.

Source: Florida Department of Citrus

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