A Fruitful Partnership for Florida Growers

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Florida Citrus Commission (FCC) Chairman Steve Johnson recently cited the partnership between the FCC and Florida Citrus Mutual as “a shining example of the synergy happening in our industry.” The FCC serves as the governing board of the Florida Department of Citrus (FDOC). Mutual is the state’s largest association of citrus growers.

Steve Johnson

“The two entities, which at times have diverse missions, have come together to support Florida growers during a challenging period,” Johnson said. “This month, as Matt Joyner takes over as chief executive officer (CEO) and executive vice president (EVP) of Mutual, I’m confident in saying that partnership will only grow. As Mike Sparks begins his transition to a well-earned retirement, I’m heartened by the fact that we have a familiar face in place who knows our industry well and has already proven himself as a staunch supporter in the halls of the Capitol and in the company of growers.”

Johnson also extended thanks to Mike Sparks, the former CEO/EVP of Mutual “for a job well done.” He congratulated Sparks for “securing a successor who will ensure Mutual’s legacy lives on. The commission and department look forward to a close relationship with Matt and aligning with the state’s largest grower organization to ensure what is best for Florida growers remains a priority for all.”

Johnson also noted that the latest report from Nielsen might indicate that inflation could be making an impact on consumers’ orange juice (OJ) buying decisions. “With inflation expected to impact the prices of goods across the board for some time, the department (FDOC) is exploring ways to ensure consumers continue to consider Florida orange juice an important beverage for their overall wellness and health,” Johnson stated. He added that digital advertising at 17 major airports throughout the Unites States this season helped increase awareness of the health benefits of Florida OJ.

Source: Florida Department of Citrus

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