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The Gift Fruit Shippers Advisory Council on Sept. 22 agreed with a Florida Department of Citrus (FDOC)-recommended marketing program that includes driving consumers to the Florida Gift Fruit website.

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The program will begin in early November and conclude in mid-February with a strong focus on gift-giving messaging. This will come to life through social channels via organic and paid social content. Social media programs will drive traffic to the Florida Gift Fruit website, which connects visitors with shippers so they can purchase directly from the source. The campaign will include a combination of video and still content, both new and updated from previous seasons.

The FDOC will showcase how Florida citrus makes the perfect gift for any occasion, while also highlighting nutrition and the Florida difference.

The 2022–23 program plans also include some new marketing activities to increase awareness of Florida gift fruit. The FDOC intends to work with micro-influencers who will deliver the message of sending a bit of sunshine for the holiday season to their unique audiences via Instagram, TikTok, etc. Additionally, the FDOC will create a mat release (paid article) that highlights key messaging and demonstrates how Florida citrus can be used in meals.

The budget for the 2022–23 season is $57,600, with the majority of funding going toward promoted social media content. The budget also includes influencer partnerships, earned media, content development, optimization and management.

Gift fruit shippers will continue to offer input on the development of new content.

In 2021–22, FDOC programs launched in mid-November and wrapped at the end of February. The 2021–22 program focused heavily on communicating messaging of availability, great taste and gift-giving. The program targeted key performing areas throughout the state of Florida but also across the United States. Learn more here about last year’s gift fruit marketing program.

Source: Florida Department of Citrus

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