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The Citrus Research and Field Trial (CRAFT) Foundation has extended the deadline for CRAFT Cycle Four to Dec. 31 at 5 p.m. It made the extension in response to multiple requests. The foundation recognized that many Florida citrus growers have had to shift their focus and time for the past couple of months to deal with hurricane recovery.

The OLL-8 variety is a factor of interest in CRAFT’s rootstock/scion category.

CRAFT programs incentivize growers to plant trees for the purpose of determining the efficacy of various HLB treatments.

Cycle Four participating groves may be planted any time after submission of application (submission does not guarantee acceptance) but must be fully planted by June 30, 2024. Approved projects will be eligible for participation payments of no less than $3,500 per acre for solid set plantings and $1,080 per acre for reset plantings.

The CRAFT technical working group and board of directors have compiled a list of factors of interest for Cycle Four to assist growers in selecting testable factors for their projects. It is not, however, an exclusive list of eligible factors. Growers may submit applications for projects including any factor that they may be interested in testing.

Cycle Four factors of interest for the rootstock/scion category include early- and mid-season varieties, OLL trials and new scions.

There are no specific factors for the nutrition category, but proposals within the soil/nutrition group will be considered.

Factors of interest within the biostimulants category include evaluation of the impact of brassinosteroids, 2,4-D, gibberellic acid and other hormones on fruit drop rates.

A factor of interest within the reset category is evaluation of additional co‐factors on existing, mature trees within a reset block. Those co-factors include the use of previously stated factors of interest and other factors including oxytetracycline by injection.

Visit the CRAFT Cycle Four website to apply and to get more information.

Sources: Florida Citrus Mutual and CRAFT Foundation

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