CRAFT Cycle 4 Coming Soon

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The application window for Cycle 4 of the Citrus Research and Field Trial (CRAFT) program is expected to open in early October and remain open for a period of 60 days. Projects approved for year four of the CRAFT program in Florida will have a planting deadline of June 2024. CRAFT is working to finalize a presentation of factors of …

CRAFT May Encourage Early-Mid Orange Plantings

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Officials with the Citrus Research and Field Trial (CRAFT) program are considering giving future participating growers an incentive to plant more early- and mid-season oranges. The topic was discussed by CRAFT’s board of directors after board member Phillip Rucks pointed out there’s a trend for nurseries to propagate far more late-season oranges than early- and mid-season oranges. Tables that the …


CRAFT Cycle Two Deadline Is September 4

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Time is running out for commercial citrus growers in Florida to apply to participate in Cycle Two of the Citrus Research and Field Trial (CRAFT) program. The deadline to apply is Friday, Sept. 4. The application process is open to growers with a minimum of 20 acres of planned solid-set or reset plantings. Cycle Two of CRAFT covers up to …


Growers Get Details on CRAFT Cycle Two

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Approximately 60 people learned how to participate in Cycle Two of the Citrus Research and Field Trial (CRAFT) program via a virtual workshop held June 23-24. The application period for Cycle Two will be July 20 to Sept. 4, 2020. CRAFT offers growers substantial financial incentives to plant new trees that will be raised utilizing specific HLB mitigation strategies. Participating …

More CRAFT Plantings to Come

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A second phase of government-supported HLB research projects in Florida’s commercial groves is expected to be initiated this year by the Citrus Research and Field Trial (CRAFT) Foundation. A first phase, in which participating growers must have trees in the ground before June 30, saw growers signing up for 46 projects on 2,032 acres. Learn more about the first phase …

CRAFT Growers Planting 2,032 Florida Citrus Acres

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Florida growers have signed up for 46 HLB research projects representing 2,032 acres through the Citrus Research and Field Trial (CRAFT) Foundation, Executive Director Kristen Carlson reported recently. Solid-set projects account for 1,641 acres; resets for 391 acres. “Some growers have more than one project,” Carlson said. The CRAFT Foundation was organized last year to administer a program aimed at …

Tips for Planting Container Trees

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By Phillip Rucks The following is a summary of planting tips for container trees garnered from work done by various University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences researchers as well as my own experience: Keep trees in shade until planted. They should be wet down at least once daily. Be sure trees are not set out in the …


What Should I Plant?

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Rick Dantzler has determined in conversations over the last few months “that the primary question on growers’ minds is, ‘What should I plant?’ And that really frames the discussion we [the Citrus Research and Development Foundation (CRDF) governing board] had regarding our plant improvement efforts going forward.” Dantzler is CRDF chief operating officer, and he was referring to discussions at …


Planting-Density and Nutrition Trial Results

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Planting-density and nutrition trials in the Indian River area were among the topics discussed at the Florida Citrus Show earlier this year. The presenter was Rhuanito “Johnny” Ferrarezi, a University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (UF/IFAS) researcher at the Indian River Research and Education Center.  A grapefruit planting-density trial utilized a staggered diamond set to maximize trees …


Rogers on Planting, Production Guide and More

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Michael Rogers, director of the Citrus Research and Education Center (CREC), discusses the new Florida Citrus Production Guide, tree planting decisions, fruit displays and plans for hiring a new horticulturist. The CREC is a University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (UF/IFAS) facility. Rogers says the recently released production guide for growers “was a hot commodity this year …


Agent Reports on Crop Conditions and Planting

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After announcing at the August meeting of the Citrus Research and Development Foundation that the 2019–20 Florida Citrus Production Guide is now available, multi-county citrus Extension agent Chris Oswalt talked about tree and crop conditions. He summarizes his presentation in an interview. “After all the rainfall we’ve had, and we’ve had quite a bit of good rainfall this past month …

Planting: ‘More Options Than Ever’

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Michael Rogers recently said there is increased optimism in the Florida citrus industry. “With that optimism, growers are starting to give more consideration to replanting,” said Rogers, director of the University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (UF/IFAS) Citrus Research and Education Center in Lake Alfred. According to Rogers, some growers who held off on planting in the …

Increasing Yield Through High-Density Plantings

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By Rhuanito Ferrarezi, Alan Wright and Arnold Schumann High-density plantings have been tested worldwide in advanced citrus production systems (ACPS) to increase efficiency of water, fertilizer and light, and to maximize yield per area. After the onset of huanglongbing (HLB) in Florida, canopy growth reduced drastically due to negative impacts on plant health, creating the need for new plant spacing …

Consider Vigorous Resets at Higher Densities

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By Aaron Himrod Although there is a current lack of true resistance to HLB, making appropriate variety choices does have a significant impact on grove performance and profitability. Compromises among the various factors will have to be made. Take note of the most limiting factors in your grove and make your selection with these in mind. HLB exacerbates stresses that …

The Sweet Spot

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Moderate spacing and medium tree size could be the quickest way Florida growers can return to producing 100 million boxes of oranges per year. By Pete Spyke, Bill Castle and Ed Stover The Florida Department of Citrus (FDOC) recently released the results of a study originally titled “Restoring Florida’s Commercial Orange Tree Inventory: Economic Impacts of APS vs. Traditional Plantings.” …

The Economics of Planting Density in the HLB Era

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University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences researcher Ariel Singerman led efforts to analyze the economic viability of planting at different tree densities under endemic HLB conditions. The analysis describes the establishment and production costs of a new grove for three tree planting densities under different market conditions. “Excel files containing the analysis and a companion file describing …

Georgia Citrus Industry Poised for Growth

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By Jaci Schreckengost Opportunities for Georgia citrus growers continue to rise as interest and research in the industry increase. Many stakeholders and industry leaders are pleased about the progress that has been made so far, but they are even more excited about what there is to come. “The industry basically started from nothing, so there was and still is a …


Low-Density Planting Problematic with HLB

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Two economists addressing a Gulf Citrus Growers Association economic seminar on Nov. 30 agreed that low-density citrus plantings would likely be hazardous to growers’ financial health in the face of HLB. One also reported that the average grower is not making a profit, and that small growers are exiting the industry faster than larger growers. “We were looking into different …


Replanting Trees in the Face of HLB

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  At Citrus Expo, Aaron Himrod of Himrod Citrus Nursery made the case for replanting citrus trees lost to HLB and other causes. “I think growers need to replant because we are having some success with young trees that we’re not having with older trees,” Himrod said. “The young trees are responding a lot better to our treatments. And we …


High-Density Planting Increases Yields

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Larry Black, general manager of Peace River Packing Company in Fort Meade, told growers at the recent Florida Citrus Mutual conference about his company’s success with high-density plantings. Black reported some four-year-old Valencia blocks are producing more than 300 boxes per acre. That’s double the current average Florida citrus yield of about 150 boxes per acre in the face of …