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Keeping Florida OJ at Top of Consumers’ Minds

Josh McGillFlorida Department of Citrus, Marketing, Orange Juice

The Florida Department of Citrus (FDOC) 2023–24 global marketing plan for orange juice (OJ) focuses on continuing awareness and sales-driving activities to keep Florida OJ at the top of consumers’ minds.

Florida OJ

Karmen Johnson of FDOC marketing agency Edible told the Florida Citrus Commission (FCC) that the plan will continue to focus on primary shoppers and light and lapsed OJ buyers. The FCC serves as the FDOC’s governing board. The marketing campaign will aim to reach consumers by focusing on those in saving mode, together mode and caring mode, Johnson stated.

The strategic focus of the plan is to drive awareness of the health and wellness benefits of Florida OJ. This will be done through an integrated marketing and public relations program. Additional programs will support sales of Florida grapefruit.

Meredith Nelson, also of Edible, provided an overview of activities around performance marketing. Nelson stated that there has been success with streaming TV partners. Therefore, new partnerships will continue.

The marketing program will test ads through paid social media that connects consumers directly to a page to purchase OJ, creating a more seamless path-to-purchase experience. Additional programs will support sales of Florida grapefruit and Florida gift fruit.

John Fuller, FDOC director of global marketing, emphasized the importance of community engagement to showcase the benefits of Florida citrus. He said the FDOC will participate in events such as Family Farm Festival at the Florida Agricultural Museum and the Orlando MegaCon.

Fuller added that the FDOC made several donations of jump ropes to the Polk County Schools physical education program. Kitchen supplies and recipe books were donated to The Ohio State University for the students in their kitchen summer program. Also, several items were sent to the Florida House in Washington, D.C., to celebrate National OJ Day.

Source: FDOC

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