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Florida Juice Prices and Marketing Focus

Daniel Cooper Florida Department of Citrus, Marketing, Orange Juice


At the Jan. 17 Florida Citrus Commission (FCC) meeting, Florida Department of Citrus (FDOC) Director of Economic and Market Research Marisa Zansler reported on price increases for orange juice (OJ) and grapefruit juice. Nielsen data for the period ending Dec. 2, 2023 showed:

  • A 9.7% increase in total orange juice (OJ) price to $9.23 per gallon
  • A 3.1% increase in not-from-concentrate OJ price to $10.20 per gallon
  • A significant increase in reconstituted OJ price to $7.60 per gallon

Zansler reported that the average increase in grapefruit juice price year-over-year is 4.27%, somewhat in line with inflation. Overall grapefruit juice volume sales were down 10% in the period ending Dec. 2.

Zansler also presented the results of an annual study analyzing the returns to the OJ category and the industry from promotional activities. She noted that according to the late 2023 study, consumers who are aware of OJ promotional offers and media campaigns tend to pay higher prices for OJ. This indicates a willingness to purchase and, more importantly for OJ, a willingness to pay higher prices. Additionally, the study found that consumers who are aware of OJ promotions and media tend to perceive OJ as having greater health and wellness benefits, which further contributes to their willingness to pay higher prices for it.

After the holidays, consumers tend to focus on self-care and fitness, Karmen Johnson of FDOC marketing firm Edible told the FCC during the January meeting. She said consumers want to engage with that type of content, so that will be the focus of FDOC marketing in the coming months.

Johnson reported that as part of the FDOC’s Winter Wellness program, in addition to creative content on social media, content was placed in nine airports and displayed during in-flight ads and in baggage claim areas. Messaging focused on wellness, and recipes performed well, she said.

Source: FDOC

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