New Tool Will Help Brazilian Growers Manage Psyllids

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Fundecitrus has launched Evaluate Psyllid, a tool that will help citrus growers choose insecticides to manage the pest that spreads citrus greening disease. Evaluate Psyllid will make available the results of insecticide efficacy experiments on field psyllid populations in different regions of Brazil’s citrus belt.

The insecticide efficacy data will be constantly updated as experiments are carried out. It will allow growers to determine which product is most effective in controlling the psyllid.

Fundecitrus researcher Marcelo Miranda said the tool is the result of cooperative work. “Several sectors are involved to make this tool work,” Miranda said. He credited:

  • Citrus growers in the field, who detect high psyllid populations
  • The Fundecitrus technology transfer team, which carries out the insect collections
  • The Fundecitrus research and development team, which carries out the experiments with psyllids

“And then the results are passed on to the citrus grower,” said Miranda. “Knowing which products are best locally effective is important and will contribute to greening management.”

“Knowing which products are working in the region where your orchard is located is a necessity that the producer has, and this tool is essential in this sense,” said Fundecitrus General Manager Juliano Ayres.

Ayres said everyone needs to do their part in combating greening. “Now it is important that everyone uses the tool and rotates products according to the data made available by it. This is a fundamental pillar in psyllid management,” he concluded.

Evaluate Psyllid can be accessed here.

Fundecitrus is an association maintained by citrus growers and juice manufacturers from the State of São Paulo to foster the sustainable development of the citrus industry.

Fundecitrus reported last year that the citrus belt of São Paulo and Triângulo/Sudoeste Mineiro has recorded record highs in the average number of psyllids captured by traps. Learn more here.

Source: Fundecitrus

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